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Anticipating the coming COVID-19 economic collapse, Modulus has launched a real estate technology division based on its patent-pending AI-driven property forecasting system. The Modulus Property Analytics System is an AI-driven property valuation, forecasting, and timing system, which performs property generation, property analysis, and strategy automation.

The system identifies properties in pre-foreclosure or post-foreclosure (REO), analyzing factors including property details, local housing markets, broader overall market data, the financial markets, interest rates, and other economic data. Perhaps most critically, the technology incorporates data specific to COVID-19. Modulus models, which observe social and economic costs, are proven to correctly identify crisis-related market movements in real-time.

This technology-based system will allow funds to capitalize on secured real estate transactions, while providing a shelter against upcoming increases in tax rates – made necessary after the passage of a historic stimulus package in response to the coronavirus crisis. The technology:

  • Analyzes REO blocks in seconds.
  • Analyzes foreclosure data automatically.
  • Accurately predicts the market bottom, holding period, and best time to sell.

Congress acted to pass The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to help small businesses with less than 500 employees cope with coronavirus crisis. Forgivable loans were to be issued in exchange for keeping employees on the payroll. However, as currently written, it appears that the bill would allow businesses to take advantage of full loan forgiveness, as long as layoffs happen after June 30, 2020. This would foreshadow mass layoffs among small businesses in July.

Beyond that, America’s Doctor, Anthony Fauci, has predicted a potential second round of the coronavirus coming this fall. At the same time, has announced that, for the week ending March 28, newly listed homes are down by 34% year-over-year. But, stagnation in the market isn’t the real headline here. As more Americans become unemployed, a foreclosure crisis waits in the wings.

According the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Q2 unemployment could reach as high as 40.6% --- more than 50% higher than the peak of 24.9%, reached in 1933 during the heart of the Great Depression. Even using conservative estimates, this crisis will surpass the housing crisis of 2008. America saw over six million foreclosures between 2008-2010. Investors must be ready.

But the incredible volume of looming foreclosures will make it impossible to analyze the best investment opportunities. The Modulus real estate system doesn’t pick properties using simple intuition. Instead, it utilizes the most consistent big data analytics technologies that the world has ever seen, identifying properties with the highest potential ROI.

There is no real estate technology in existence which has implemented this level of advanced AI in order to analyze all aspects of a potential investment. Modulus has a history of developing cutting edge analytics systems. The company has developed the world's largest, real-time social media sentiment analysis system, which was later adapted to analyze stocks and real estate. The company also served as the lead developer of the SharpeMind platform, which processes millions of unstructured financial documents in real time.

Modulus has been developing highly accurate predictive analytical models for the world’s largest hedge funds and real estate investment funds for decades. It has developed technologies which power Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, TD Ameritrade, and CME Group initiatives. In 2016, NASA chose Modulus to develop a custom solution which graphs high-frequency telemetry and health data from the International Space Station, a first in aerospace history.

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