Secure, Customizable, White-Label NFT Marketplace

Discover a fully-developed, turnkey NFT marketplace solution that empowers users to create, mint, and transfer NFT token contracts with ease. The Modulus NFT Marketplace offers a seamless experience for creators, enthusiasts, and collectors alike, whether they're minting their first NFT or searching for exclusive digital assets. Integrated with Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, our platform ensures secure and efficient transactions for a wide range of digital assets.

From visual art and music to virtual real estate and beyond, the Modulus NFT Marketplace supports a diverse ecosystem of digital creativity. Similar to industry leaders like OpenSea and Magic Eden, our platform allows creators to mint, showcase, and sell their digital artworks as non-fungible tokens to a growing community of collectors. For buyers, we offer a curated selection of NFTs, each representing a unique piece of digital history and culture, from rare collectibles to works by emerging artists.

Our feature-rich platform includes customizable collections, real-time bidding, secure transactions, comprehensive artist profiles, and detailed analytics. The Modulus NFT Marketplace simplifies the process of creating collections and mass minting NFTs directly into users' wallets. Additionally, we offer tools to create authenticity certificates and implement loyalty programs through token gating, enhancing the value proposition for both creators and collectors.

Experience the cutting edge of NFT technology with our advanced NFT API, designed to overcome minting bottlenecks. This powerful tool enables fast, large-scale NFT creation with features such as high throughput, auto-resubmission, and instant notifications. Secure your digital products with our digital product passports, ensuring verifiable authenticity and unlocking exclusive loyalty programs through innovative token gating features.

Beyond transactions, the Modulus NFT Marketplace fosters community engagement and education. Users can explore trending collections, participate in auctions, and connect with fellow enthusiasts, making the discovery and acquisition of NFTs an immersive and rewarding experience. Our platform goes beyond mere transactions, creating a vibrant ecosystem for digital asset enthusiasts.

Trust and security are paramount in the world of digital assets, and the Modulus NFT Marketplace delivers on both fronts. Our platform is fully regulatory compliant, supporting SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and more. This commitment to security and compliance ensures that users can engage with confidence, knowing that their digital assets and transactions are protected by industry-leading standards.

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Maintain Complete Control

At Modulus, we prioritize your autonomy and control. You maintain exclusive ownership of your user data and transactions, without the burden of ongoing royalties, commissions, or backend agreements often associated with white label solutions.

Modulus is an American company that offers global regulatory compliance, and full source code access, empowering you with enhanced company valuation, robust security through code auditing, and the flexibility to customize the software, including mobile apps to your precise requirements. This ensures complete business continuity, eliminating the reliance on unreliable white label providers.

Modulus White Label NFT Marketplace Features

User Management

  • User Registration and Login:
    • Easy registration with email or crypto wallet connection.
    • MetaMask & WalletConnect integration for seamless wallet connectivity.
    • Custodial wallets for users preferring fiat transactions.
  • Profile Management:
    • Manage personal information, view activity history, and track transactions.

Wallet Integration

  • Crypto Wallets:
    • MetaMask & WalletConnect integration for Ethereum and Polygon.
    • Direct connection of user-owned crypto wallets for transactions.
  • Custodial Wallets:
    • Automated assignment of custodial wallets for fiat users.
    • Manage, view, and export NFTs from custodial to external wallets.

NFT Creation and Management

  • Minting NFTs:
    • Mint NFTs on Ethereum or Polygon blockchains.
    • Support for single and multiple NFTs (ERC-721 standards).
    • Add metadata and attributes during the minting process.
  • Collection Management:
    • Create, manage, and customize NFT collections.
    • Attractive, customizable landing pages for each collection.
    • Metadata and attributes customization for collections.

Marketplace Features

  • Listing and Selling NFTs:
    • List NFTs for sale with fixed-price or auction options.
    • Detailed sales listings with metadata, ownership history, and pricing.
  • Buying NFTs:
    • Purchase using cryptocurrency (ETH, MATIC) or fiat (credit cards).
    • Guardian Gateway integration for seamless credit card processing.
  • Sales Listings:
    • Manage and view items on sale.
    • Detailed item pages with comprehensive metadata and analytics.

Exploration and Discovery

  • Browsing and Searching:
    • Browse by categories, featured collections, and trending items.
    • Advanced search with filters for collections, creators, and price ranges.
  • Featured Collections:
    • Showcase curated collections on the landing page.
    • Highlight trending and popular collections for easy discovery.

Transaction Management

  • Transactions and History:
    • Comprehensive transaction history for all user activities.
    • Detailed analytics on sales, purchases, and minting.

Analytics and Insights

  • Marketplace Analytics:
    • Detailed insights into marketplace performance and trends.
    • Analytics on trending collections, top sellers, and buyer behaviors.
  • Item Analytics:
    • Detailed analytics for individual items.
    • Track views, bids, sales data, and user interactions.

User Experience Enhancements

  • Landing Pages:
    • Customizable landing pages for collections and items.
    • Enhanced design to boost user engagement and interaction.
  • History and Transactions:
    • View detailed histories of interactions on the marketplace.
    • Real-time updates on transaction statuses and activities.
  • Notifications:
    • Real-time notifications for bids, sales, and updates.
    • Email and in-app notifications for important activities.

Security and Compliance

  • Secure Transactions:
    • End-to-end encryption for all transactions.
    • Secure storage of user data and digital assets.

Micro Features

  • Metadata Management:
    • Detailed metadata fields for NFTs, supporting custom attributes.
    • Efficient processing for large collections with batch minting.
  • Auction Features:
    • Timed auctions with reserve prices and bid increments.
    • Notifications for auction activity and status changes.
  • Royalties and Revenue Sharing:
    • Automatic royalty payments to creators.
    • Customizable revenue-sharing models for co-creators.
  • Custom Themes:
    • Customizable themes and layouts for collections and items.
    • Multiple design options to personalize user experience.

Why choose Modulus?

We've been building financial software for nearly three decades.

High performance technology for financial markets has been our focus for over two decades. We provide only the best solutions, and our offerings are affordable, but not cheap. Low price is the last refuge of software companies that lack the necessary resources and qualifications to deliver quality solutions capable of withstanding heavy load and strict government regulation. The Modulus NFT Marketplace is trusted, secure, and fully regulatory compliant, supporting SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, and more. With Modulus, you will have complete peace of mind, so you can focus on your core business.

Our licensing model is fair and honest.

Most vendors require a long-term contract and many will impose a revenue sharing scheme. Some vendors offer liquidity "solutions" designed to steal your profits. And almost all vendors charge extra for optional features or for adding tokens. At Modulus, we charge a simple one-time license fee, which is straightforward, fair, and honest. We will never create software limitations or problems for you in order to extract additional profits.

Complete Flexibility

White Label App

Includes a pre-built, customizable frontend, designed for all versions of smartphones. Our UI design solves shortcomings and UX design flaws of existing popular NFT marketplace apps. The UI can be customized to support multiple languages. Features include OTP codes, GDPR support, push notifications and more.

Advanced Features

The Modulus White Label NFT Marketplace boasts advanced features that elevate the platform's functionality and user experience. It offers detailed analytics for marketplace and item performance, supports both crypto and fiat transactions, and provides sophisticated auction capabilities. The platform includes a fair royalty system for creators and allows for extensive customization of themes and layouts. With robust security measures like end-to-end encryption, it provides a comprehensive solution for businesses entering the digital asset market. These features combine to create a powerful, flexible, and secure NFT marketplace platform.

Completely Customizable

Our white label solution offers extensive customization to match your brand and business needs. Tailor the user interface, integrate with your existing systems, and adjust features limits and fee structures. The modular architecture allows you to add or remove functionalities, ensuring an NFT marketplace that's uniquely yours.

We'll help you overcome obstacles to growth-at no extra cost

We're committed to your success beyond just providing technology. Our team of experts will work closely with you to overcome any obstacles to growth—at no extra cost. Whether you need help navigating regulatory challenges, optimizing your user onboarding process, or scaling your infrastructure to handle increased demand, we're here to support you. Our experience serving major financial institutions gives us unique insights into industry best practices and potential pitfalls. We'll provide guidance on compliance, security enhancements, and performance optimization to ensure your NFT Marketplace grows seamlessly with your business. This hands-on support is included in our service, ensuring you have a partner invested in your long-term success.

With Modulus, the choice is yours. Just remember: your local laws and regulations may stipulate what you can or cannot do with regard to market making, so be sure to consult with your legal counsel before launching or enabling certain features.

Security & Regulation

Our White Label NFT Marketplace platform prioritizes security and regulatory compliance at every level. We employ industry-leading encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication to safeguard user assets and data. The system's architecture separates onchain and offchain assets, minimizing security risks and enhancing overall protection. Regular security audits and penetration testing ensure our defenses remain robust against evolving threats.

On the regulatory front, our solution is designed with compliance in mind. It's scalable to integrate various KYC and AML standards, adapting to the specific requirements of different jurisdictions. We stay abreast of changing regulations in the digital asset space, continuously updating our system to maintain compliance. Our experience working with major financial institutions has honed our ability to meet stringent regulatory standards.

By choosing the Modulus NFT Marketplace, you're not just getting technology—you're gaining a partner well-versed in navigating the complex landscape of digital asset security and compliance.

Getting started with Modulus is easy.