Empowering the Future of Finance

The financial landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the emergence of mainstream adoption of digital assets, and evolving regulatory frameworks. As the industry navigates this pivotal moment in history, Modulus stands ready to guide you through the intricacies of establishing a fully compliant cryptocurrency or tokenized real-world asset exchange that adheres to global regulatory standards, including MiFID II and Travel Rule directives, GDPR, and more.

With a legacy of excellence spanning nearly three decades, Modulus has been at the forefront of developing and patenting innovative trading technology and exchange solutions for industry giants such as Nasdaq, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and many others. Our expertise extends to the digital asset space, where we have serviced and partnered with some of the largest players in the industry such as FTX, Binance, BitMEX, Celsius, Fireblocks, Aquanow, Wintermute, and others.

The Modulus spot exchange solution represents the culmination of nearly a quarter million hours of software engineering spanning several years. This production-ready platform enables startups and existing exchanges to deploy within hours to any cloud hosting provider or bare metal hardware cluster, with flexible deployment options supporting Kubernetes, coupled with robust load balancing and failover capabilities.

Maintain Complete Control

At Modulus, we prioritize your autonomy and control. You maintain exclusive ownership of your user data, trades, and profits, without the burden of ongoing royalties, commissions, or backend agreements with liquidity providers or other service providers often associated with white label software.

Modulus is an American company that offers global regulatory compliance, and full source code access, empowering you with enhanced company valuation, robust security through code auditing, and the flexibility to customize the software, including mobile apps to your precise requirements. This ensures complete business continuity, eliminating the reliance on unreliable white label providers.

With the Modulus futures exchange add-on, your users can also engage in trading with over 150x margin across a diverse range of assets, including cryptocurrencies and other assets. Our solution empowers your exchange to service a larger client base, boasting a matching engine that scales to an unparalleled 84 million transactions per second, which is the fastest in the industry.

Full Regulatory Compliance

Modulus is committed to assisting you in navigating any regulatory approvals required based on your exchange's jurisdiction, ensuring full compliance.

To embark on your journey towards launching a fully-regulatory compliant exchange, request your complimentary blueprint and no-obligation assessment and business plan from Modulus today. Our team is committed to providing the support you need, including assistance in securing funding and regulatory approval.

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Instant Market Liquidity

Launching an exchange often presents a chicken-or-the-egg conundrum: without users, order books remain empty, and without robust order books, users are reluctant to trade. Modulus solves this challenge by ensuring that your exchange benefits from a fully populated order book from day one.

For crypto exchanges, our sophisticated built-in market making system seamlessly remarkets orders from a wide array of leading exchanges including Kraken, Binance, OKX, and many others. This ensures that your exchange maintains a vibrant and active trading environment from the outset.

Moreover, Modulus provides the flexibility to integrate with any paid liquidity service provider, such as Aquanow, Wintermute, and others, empowering you to tap into additional sources of liquidity and further enhance the depth and breadth of your order books.

Complementing these liquidity solutions, Modulus offers the industry's most advanced smart order routing system, featuring dynamic hedging and synthetic pairing capabilities. This cutting-edge technology optimizes order execution, mitigates risk, and expands the range of trading pairs available to your users, delivering an unparalleled trading experience.

By leveraging Modulus' instant market liquidity solutions, your exchange can confidently overcome the chicken-or-the-egg dilemma and establish itself as a thriving, liquid marketplace from the moment it goes live. Our comprehensive approach to liquidity management ensures that your users can engage in seamless trading across a diverse range of digital assets, fostering trust, attracting more participants, and driving the growth of your exchange.

Quick & Easy Setup

Our cryptocurrency exchange software is highly scalable and fault tollerant. It can be setup in a matter of a few hours on Linux servers using Docker containers. Extensive training and testing can begin immediately after setup. With Modulus, you can focus on what matters most; driving traffic and signups!

For a one-time license fee, the solution can be installed on your AWS or Azure servers, or on your own hardware. Instructions are provided to get you started, and then hand the controls over to you. Should you require any assistance, training and support are available as needed.

Fortifying Your Exchange: A Comprehensive Approach to Security

In the world of digital assets, security is a top concern. Recognizing the prevalence of hacks and phishing campaigns that have plagued the industry, Modulus has taken proactive steps to fortify the exchange technology against these threats.

Our team of cybersecurity experts routinely conducts extensive security research, meticulously examining all known hacks and phishing campaigns to date. By gleaning insights from these incidents, we are able to maintain industry best practices and implement multi-layered security updates that renders exchanges virtually impenetrable.

To further bolster the security of our solution, Modulus has enlisted the expertise of outside ethical hackers and renowned security groups. These professionals work to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

In addition, Modulus has forged a strategic partnership with CloudFlare, a global leader in web security and performance. This collaboration enables exchanges to benefit from CloudFlare's advanced DDoS protection, SSL/TLS encryption, and other cutting-edge security features, providing an additional layer of defense against potential threats.

In summary, our multi-layered security architecture encompasses a range of measures, including secure coding practices, rigorous penetration testing, real-time monitoring, and incident response protocols. By adopting a defense-in-depth approach, Modulus ensures that exchanges are well-equipped to withstand even the most sophisticated attacks.

With Modulus as your trusted partner, you can confidently assure your users that their digital assets and sensitive information are safeguarded by the most robust security measures in the industry. Our unwavering commitment to security, combined with our proactive approach to threat mitigation, positions your exchange as a beacon of trust and reliability in the digital asset ecosystem.

Modulus Crypto Exchange

Modulus provides a highly customizable web and mobile app solution, complemented by a configurable backend. With full source code access, you have the power to tailor every aspect of your exchange to your precise needs.

Our well-documented API and dedicated support enable you to create a bespoke frontend that aligns seamlessly with your brand and vision. Unlike unsecure and unsupported open-source exchange script source code, Modulus offers a robust, secure, and fully customizable solution, making it the premier choice for launching your exchange.

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No Imposed Limits

The Modulus exchange solution offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to list an unlimited range of tradable assets, including cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, and tokenized real-world assets.

Our fully customizable user interface and adaptable matching engine ensure that your exchange aligns perfectly with your unique requirements. From frontend to backend, our team works closely with you to deliver a bespoke platform that meets your every need.

Features & Capabilities

The Modulus exchange solution offers a comprehensive suite of features to empower your exchange. It includes a professional front-end with native mobile apps for spot trading, developed using technologies like React, Swift, and Java for optimal performance. Full source code is provided, along with a developer API to facilitate the creation of trading bots, custom web & mobile user interfaces, and admin features.

Modulus offers secure hot & cold wallet options, including a full node server setup and integrations with leading custodial services such as BitGo, Fireblocks, and others. The platform supports custom liquidity provider integrations with Aquanow, Wintermute and others, plus optional smart order routing, hedging, synthetic pairing, custom market making bots, an instant buy/sell broker model system, a payment gateway, and more. Additionally, Modulus provides support for smart contract development, tokenization, crowdfunding, neo bank solutions, staking/yield generation, borrowing/lending, point of sale, decentralized DEX exchanges, P2P exchanges, and more.

Exchanges powered by Modulus can utilize the patent-pending Modulus Exchange Trust Score System, a revolutionary solution aimed at providing a higher level of trust for digital asset exchanges. Two-Factor Authentication and CloudFlare are enabled by default, and advanced KYC/AML support is provided through integrations with multiple KYC service providers, including Coinfirm, ComplyAdvantage, IdentityMind, IDology, Jumio, ShuftiPro, Sub&Substance, Trulioo, SynapseFI, Thomson Reuters, Civic, Verijelas, IDnow, OnFido, and manual KYC options. The platform also integrates with CipherTrace and Chainanalysis, and includes anti-market manipulation features and post-trade surveillance AML with anti-tumbling and collusion detection functionality powered by an AI neural network.

Modulus offers advanced geo-fencing, which identifies geographies of IP addresses, ISPs, and organizational owners, and can detect and reject Tor browser and VPN connections for strict regulatory compliance.

The platform includes AI-driven anti-market manipulation, anti-money laundering, and anti-tumbling/anti-mixing features for regulatory compliance. Built-in admin logging tracks all exchange employee actions, and custom admin accounts can be created with specific permissions. Thousands of tokens can be added via the admin control panel, with customizable maker/taker fees and rules. Stable coins, referral programs, utility tokens for exchange fee discounts, Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), and more can be managed through the platform.

Modulus also offers extended optional functionality, including scripting languages for trading system development and back testing, expert advisors, auto-trading, market scanning, social media trading (copy trading), sentiment analysis, pattern recognition, and A.I. trading systems.

At Modulus, we make it fast, easy and painless to start your own exchange while enabling you to keep a competitive edge with the most advanced features on the market. Schedule a demo to learn more

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Customization & Support Services

Modulus provides a comprehensive suite of customization and support services, empowering you to tailor your exchange to your exact specifications and ensure that your platform remains operational around the clock.

Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you to understand your unique requirements and goals, offering expert guidance and support throughout the customization process. Whether you need to modify the user interface, integrate specific features, or optimize performance, Modulus has the expertise and resources to make it happen.

We recognize that every exchange has its own distinct vision and target audience, which is why we place a strong emphasis on flexibility and adaptability. Our customization services cover every aspect of your exchange, from the frontend design to the backend architecture, allowing you to create a platform that truly reflects your brand and meets the needs of your users.

In addition to customization, Modulus is committed to providing exceptional support services to keep your exchange running smoothly 24/7. Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to address any issues or concerns that may arise, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum reliability for your platform.

We understand that the cryptocurrency market never sleeps, and neither should your exchange. That's why we have implemented robust monitoring and maintenance systems to proactively identify and resolve potential problems before they impact your users. Our support services include regular updates, security patches, and performance optimizations to keep your exchange running at peak efficiency.

Moreover, Modulus offers a range of training and educational resources to help your team maximize the potential of your exchange. From technical documentation to best practices guides, we provide the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively manage and grow your platform.

With Modulus, you can have confidence in the stability, security, and performance of your exchange. Our customization and support services are designed to give you the flexibility and peace of mind you need to focus on what matters most: building your business and serving your users.

Continuous Innovation & Product Updates

Modulus understands that staying ahead in the rapidly evolving digital asset exchange space requires constant innovation and the ability to adapt to changes. That's why we are dedicated to providing ongoing product updates to ensure your exchange remains at the forefront of the industry.

When you choose Modulus, you gain access to a full year of complimentary product updates. Modulus is constantly developing new features to help you stay relevant and competitive, to attract new users to your exchange. These updates are designed to enhance the functionality, security, and performance of your exchange, keeping you ahead of the curve.

With that said, we believe in empowering our clients with complete control and discretion over the implementation of new upgrades and features. You have the discretion to choose which updates to accept, ensuring that your platform evolves in a manner that best serves your users and your business.

After the initial complimentary one-year maintenance period concludes, you have the freedom to continue using the software without any obligation to renew the maintenance subscription. However, should you choose to extend the benefits of our ongoing support and updates, you can do so at a modest fee. This optional subscription ensures that you continue to receive the latest enhancements, security patches, and technical assistance from our dedicated team.

At Modulus, we prioritize your autonomy and flexibility. If you decide to cancel your maintenance subscription at any point, you can renew it whenever you see fit in the future. Our goal is to provide you with the tools, support, and freedom you need to build and maintain a successful digital asset exchange on your own terms.

Digital Assets

Through the implementation of full nodes for each asset (which may be hosted on your servers), customers can use any token to deposit funds into your exchange, and they will receive an email verification after funds (including fiat currency) have been received.

Hundreds, and even thousands, of tokens can be enabled; however, as the exchange operator, it is your responsibility to determine the legality surrounding each listing.

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Why choose Modulus?

We've been building exchanges for nearly three decades.

High performance technology for financial markets has been our focus for over two decades. We provide only the best solutions, and our offerings are not cheap. Low price is the last refuge of software companies that lack the necessary resources and qualifications to deliver quality solutions capable of withstanding heavy load and strict government regulation. With Modulus, you will have complete peace of mind, so you can focus on your core business.

Our exchange shatters performance barriers.

Our solution was designed to disrupt the industry and to give you a competitive advantage. Many exchanges can't handle more than one or two million transactions per second. Some can't handle 100,000 or even 15,000 transactions per second. Our exchange easily outperforms them all with speeds of up to 84 million transactions per second within the matching engine.

Our licensing model is fair and honest.

Most vendors require a long-term contract and many will impose a revenue sharing scheme. Some vendors offer liquidity "solutions" designed to steal your profits. And almost all vendors charge extra for optional features or for adding tokens. At Modulus, we charge a simple one-time license fee, which is straightforward, fair, and honest. We will never create software limitations or problems for you in order to extract additional profits.

Complete Flexibility

Website and Apps

Includes a pre-built, customizable exchange website, a React web app, and native mobile apps for spot trading with a modern appearance, designed for all versions of iPhone and Android phones, tablets, desktop, and web. Our UI design solves shortcomings and UX design flaws of existing popular exchange apps. The UI supports multiple languages via a globalization file, including right-to-left text. Features include 2FA, GDPR support, professional charting, technical analysis tools, push notifications and more.

Advanced Features

Admins can issue new listings, if permitted by law in your jurisdiction. Set your own deposit and withdrawal limits for one user or for all. Offer margin trading and lending. Fractional share trading. Set up trading halts and curbs based on specific criteria to prevent flash crashes. Run Proof of Solvency audit reports to prove reserves. Permit institutional traders to connect via FIX protocol, or enable Dark Pool trading. Maintain an affiliate system to reward traders for referrals, offer auto-trading, expert advisors, market scanning, trade alerts, trading system back-testing, social media integration, social media sentiment analysis, pattern recognition, A.I., chat room, and more.

Admin Features

List new assets, follow live stats within graphs and gauges for number of new user signups per hour, number of trades per day and per hour, average trade size, detailed order book information, exchange security status, and review other important information including Profit & Loss, Open Positions, and Account Balances, manage liquidity, manage individual or group user accounts and much more.

We'll help you overcome obstacles to growth-at no extra cost

Most new exchanges fail to gain traction due to inadequate trading volume. It's a common dilemma: a new exchange needs to attract customers, but customers need sufficient trading liquidity to place trades. If there aren't enough customers on the other side of the equation, nothing happens. The exchange goes nowhere.

That's not an issue, if you are using Modulus. Your white label exchange software can be connected to other exchanges for added liquidity, and you can adjust rebates and cash incentives to attract market makers to your exchange. At Modulus, we do not charge additional fees or require revenue sharing for adding liquidity to your exchange, unlike other providers.

With Modulus, the choice is yours. Just remember: your local laws and regulations may stipulate what you can or cannot do with regard to market making, so be sure to consult with your legal counsel before launching or enabling certain features.

Security & Regulation

This isn't only the fastest, most powerful exchange solution out there. It's also one of the most secure. As financial technology experts, we've taken every possible risk and vulnerability into account. We've learned from numerous sophisticated attack vectors witnessed with other exchanges.

Your white label cryptocurrency exchange software will be protected with multiple security layers including two-factor authentication, anti-phishing features, geofencing that also detects VPNs and Tor exit nodes, database encryption, DDoS mitigation, network and trade anomaly detection, enterprise-grade offline multisignature vaults (for digital asset exchanges), optional hardware security devices, plus independent penetration testing and source code analysis.


Use Know Your Customer (KYC) verification to process identify checks (name, address, and ID documents), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) to monitor real-time risk scoring through machine learning. We support KYC & AML providers such as Jumio, Trulioo, IdentityMind, Shufti Pro, SynapseFi, Cognito, and 4Stop.

Ready for Regulation

Our white label cryptocurrency exchange solution has been designed to comply with current and future regulations. Using machine learning, the Modulus exchange solution with optional AI-driven market abuse detection engines analyzes pre-trade and post-trade data to identify suspicious activity such as large trades, pass-through trades, wash trades, spoofing, layering, stuffing, hammering, momentum ignition, and money laundering, allowing administrators to freeze accounts as needed and generate Suspicious Activity Reports for regulators.

Getting started with Modulus is easy.