At Modulus, we don't drain profits. We drive them.

For over 20 years, Modulus has provided high performance software and hardware systems that keep global organizations ahead of the curve. Organizations around the world rely on our technology, which reaches millions of users in over 90 countries.

Modulus solutions aren't generic: we customize our products and services to meet the exact requirements of our clients. At Modulus, our developers, engineers, and data scientists are experts in FinTech, Deep Learning A.I., High Performance Computing, Predictive Analytics, and Financial Technology. These have been our competitive strengths for over two decades.

Innovative and reusable.

We believe in the power of innovative and reusable technologies.

We harness this power by attracting the world's greatest talent, bringing vital partners into our global platform, and leveraging our solution accelerators and frameworks.

With Modulus, there are no long-term contracts, recurring license fees, or revenue sharing schemes. Just the tools and support that clients need.

For custom projects, we use a Success-Based Fee Model, which reduces risk and ensures predictable pricing.

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AI-Powered Centralized and Decentralized Exchange Software

In the dynamic world of tokenized digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), Modulus stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a comprehensive software solution for launching next-generation crypto exchanges. As a seasoned player with over 25 years in the industry, Modulus has been the trusted technology partner for industry giants such as Nasdaq, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America, in addition to crypto firms including eToro, FTX, Celsius and many others, offering robust, secure, and scalable fintech and blockchain solutions.

Modulus takes a highly customizable approach to our crypto exchange solutions, offering both centralized and decentralized digital assets exchange software solutions, thereby empowering existing exchanges and startups to launch an exchange platform with superior technology that adheres to regulatory compliances like the Travel Rule, MiFID II, GDPR, CCPA, and support for SOC 2 Type 2. The Modulus enterprise-level wallet integration system ensures the utmost security for digital assets, bolstered by state-of-the-art, patented anti-market manipulation and anti-money laundering features offered only by Modulus.

The Modulus solution transcends being merely a cryptocurrency exchange platform, morphing into a comprehensive digital assets exchange hub where users can engage in trading various digital assets, including engaging clients in a modern NFT marketplace. It seamlessly integrates features like asset tokenization, allowing tokenization and trading of fractionalized illiquid assets, thus democratizing asset ownership and investment opportunities.

An essential facet of the Modulus solution is its focus on exchange operator autonomy and profitability. It grants exchange operators the freedom to choose between self or joint custody of their assets, with integrations to Fireblocks, BitGo, Metaco, and the Lightning network. The solution also offers multiple options for liquidity, including integrations with liquidity providers (LPs) such as Aquanow, Wintermute, B2C2 and others, in addition to exchange order remarketing and advanced aggregation, smart order routing, dynamic hedging, and synthetic pairing, thereby eliminating fees usually levied by LPs. Moreover, the Modulus exchange solution propels exchanges towards becoming Web3 banking hubs or neo banks, where users can partake in crypto lending and borrowing, effectively leveraging their crypto wallet to earn interest on their tokens. Staking is an attractive feature offering attractive returns for users.

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The backbone of Modulus lies in its powerful tech stack with modular design capabilities, where every facet from user interface to matching engine can be tailored to meet specific needs. It is available as both a self-hosted solution with full source code and as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with a quick and easy setup, making it a cost-effective choice for startups and existing exchanges alike. This dynamic platform accommodates a broad spectrum of assets, including but not limited to digital assets, forex, and commodities, or any tokenized asset including real estate, promising no imposed limits.

Emphasizing security, Modulus implements advanced KYC/AML support and robust two-factor authentication, creating a fortress that guards against potential breaches and phishing attempts. In line with this, the platform offers Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Know-Your-Transaction (KTY) features, upholding the integrity of transactions and safeguarding user data from potential threats. Additionally, Modulus is the only provider of the patented Modulus Anti-Tumbling and Anti Market Manipulation Systems, providing a high level of regulatory compliance.

By choosing Modulus, you're not just adopting a technology solution; you're aligning with a philosophy that prioritizes global regulatory compliance, security, performance, profitability, and innovation. Modulus is more than a platform; it's a gateway to the future of decentralized financial autonomy.

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Unrivaled Performance and Security

If it's not fast, it's slow. High performance applications involving complex, large-scale data processing require expertise in parallel computing and extensive knowledge of hardware systems. Our expert engineers have developed computationally intense A.I. solutions capable of generating real-time decisions in less than 30 nanoseconds. That's unheard-of speed. And when software is too slow for an application, our hardware engineers lend a hand.

Our solutions are not only super-fast, they are also extremely secure. Modulus solutions undergo line-by-line source code analysis and penetration testing by security experts prior to new product releases and product updates. Source code reviews and penetration testing are mandatory parts of the compliance requirement within the financial industry. Our security experts also help mitigate and solve security challenges within organizations.

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