Modulus Market Surveillance & Risk Management

The all-in-one market surveillance and risk management solution that not only keeps latency to a bare minimum, but grows smarter over time, to detect and defuse new patterns of market abuse.

Detect and Defuse Trade Risks in Real Time

The typical two-part solution is problematic. Surveillance platforms monitor, alert, and report, but they don't allow you to react in real time. Separate risk management systems, which require algorithms to detect market abuse, create more work for matching engines and slow down exchanges.

Time to leave the status quo behind.

The new Modulus Market Surveillance & Risk Management Solution (coming soon) is something altogether new: a combined solution with ultra-low latency. We've leveraged our 20+ years of high frequency trading and machine learning experience to work for you, building a platform that easily outperforms every competing solution in the marketplace.

Stay alert, compliant, and safe - without the drag on your exchange.

The Modulus Market Surveillance & Risk Management Solution uses deep insights to connect the dots within markets and between market participants, providing trade surveillance and pre-trade, at-trade, and on-trade risk management and customizable alerts and reports.

With the help of actionable alerts identifying market manipulation, abusive trading behavior, and money laundering (for cryptocurrency exchanges), you can be sure you're adhering to regulatory guidelines and rules that govern trading conduct.

Regulatory Analytics

The Modulus Hardware-Based Market Surveillance & Risk Management Solution provides comprehensive execution analytics to meet ESMA MiFID II and other post-trade reporting obligations. It's designed for worldwide markets and conforms to the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), US Dodd-Frank SEC regulation, and other global regulatory frameworks.

Operational Risk Management

The system manages the risk of abnormal order and execution behavior, detecting and mitigating market manipulation activity for equities, commodities, forex, cryptocurrencies, energy markets, derivatives, fixed income, and other asset classes.

Financial Analytics

With the Modulus Market Surveillance & Risk Management Solution, you can optimize your trading strategies by monitoring and reporting on execution quality and transaction cost.

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Unrivaled Speed and Capabilities

Based on our groundbreaking new cognitive data analysis, anomaly detection, and research platform, the Modulus solution augments human intelligence to amplify analytical insight. Compliance teams can now manage even the most complex surveillance and risk management challenges.

What Can This System Do That Others Can't?

Our risk management system is designed to reside within the market matching engine, communicating with the trade surveillance system to feed real-time and T+1 data into the risk management system's hardware-based machine learning modules (coming soon).

Customizable, Intuitive Research & Analytics Software

See clearly. Act fast. This is what the Modulus Market Surveillance & Risk Management Solution empowers you to do, with an easy setup process and an interface that makes it easy to spot trading anomalies.

Rich Visual Insights Into Complex Market Information

Identifying market abuse is now more difficult than ever due to the rapid advancement of HFT A.I. trading algorithms, as market abuse now hides in higher dimensions of data.

The Modulus Market Surveillance & Risk Management Solution includes heat maps and pre-configured dashboards that help analysts interrogate market activity and participants to uncover abusive trading activity that can be hidden in high dimensions of data. External data can be imported to perform inter-market analysis.

Real-time and historic market replay enables whole-market and participant-based investigations with highly granular reporting.

Surveillance and Risk Management Have Never Been This Simple

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