Working at Modulus

At Modulus, we're driven to make an impact every day. By innovating and expanding our knowledge, we empower our clients with the world's highest performing, most intelligent technology.

Modulus is at the forefront of a fast growing industry. To remain a leader, our team must deliver excellence every day. We're committed to hiring and developing people who will thrive in our fast-paced, results-driven environment. At Modulus, everyone contributes to building our business.

Working at Modulus is an experience like no other. We thrive off each other's energy. If you enter one of our offices, you'll feel the buzz. The lively atmosphere comes from our focus, drive, and passion.



Do you have the drive to excel beyond what's asked of you? We power over obstacles with a whatever-it-takes mindset. We are constantly challenging ourselves to go beyond our comfort zones.


Working at Modulus requires you to handle uncertainty, ambiguity, and change with confidence, positivity, and poise, rather than self-doubt, worry, and fear.


We believe that humility paired with confidence helps build an environment of continuous improvement without any sense of entitlement.


Front End Software Developer

Work in an exciting, fast-paced team environment. Requires at least four years of front-end development experience with JavaScript, React, React Native, RESTful APIs, WebSocket, and web UI/UX design. Experience with trading stocks, fx, or cryptocurrencies is a plus. Health and PTO provided.


Back End Software Developer

Work remotely in a fast-paced team environment. Requires at least four years of back end software development experience using either C++ or Go. Experience with micro-services, excellent knowledge of network protocols (TCP/IP/HTTP/HTTPS), experience designing RESTful APIs, experience building distributed systems, expertise developing high-quality, high-concurrency, high-availability, high-throughput, low-latency, high-scalability ultra-high-performance API driven distributed back ends is required. Experience with databases and performance tuning with SQL/NoSQL, and experience with Kafka/Cockroach distributed database technologies is a bonus. Experience with trading stocks, fx, or cryptocurrencies is highly desirable.


Security Engineer

Work with us on site to build, deploy, and maintain security controls and intrusion detection infrastructure, investigate security events, conduct in-depth research on attacker profiles and infrastructure to predict and prevent future attacks. Experience in incident detection, incident response, and forensics, experience mitigating DDoS attacks, experience conducting research on threat actors and their methodologies will be required.


Machine Learning Expert

Develop machine learning to actively monitor, classify and identify disparities and suspicious activity, including trading and network anomalies. Detect money laundering activities and automate filing of Suspicious Activity Reports with trade transaction data. Requires extensive experience with TensorFlow or Modulus A.I. components, experience in querying complex schemas and relational databases, and knowledge of Rough Set Theory.


Project Manager

Coordinate cross-functional teams and development schedules, define, monitor, and manage extremely fast-paced, critical project schedules, oversee quality improvement of design and production, and work directly with clients. Requires excellent written and verbal communication skills.


Quality Assurance

Ensure that we are shipping only ultra-high quality products. Requires four years technical testing and automation testing experience with a strong background in software development (C++, Go, C#, Java, JavaScript preferred), experience writing and implementing a diverse suite of automated tests and knowledge of protocols and modern technologies..