Direct Lab Testing Reimagined

Transforming Lab Testing with Intelligent AI-Powered Insights

Transform Your Customer Experience

In the world of direct lab testing, the intersection of technology and customer experience has never been more crucial. Modulus, an industry leader in AI since 1997, has introduced a revolutionary new system driven by a Large Language Model (similar to ChatGPT) designed specifically for healthcare and lab test providers. Our solution enhances the customer experience with customizable lab suggestions and optional interpretations.

Bridging Technology and Lab Testing

Our healthcare AI model isn't just a tool for physicians; it's a bridge connecting advanced technology with an intricate world of lab testing. By catering specifically to resellers of lab tests worldwide, we have designed a system that not only enhances customer experience but also drives sales through intelligent, relevant, regulatory-compliant test suggestions.

Patented, Regulatory-Compliant Healthcare AI

At Modulus, we understand that every customer interaction is unique. Our AI model is intricately designed to suggest lab tests based on individual user requests, histories, or inputs such as current medications and health conditions. The system can be customized, ensuring that suggestions are fully regulatory compliant at all times based on unique circumstances and criteria, thereby enhancing customer trust and satisfaction. At the same time, our solution complies with regulations by not providing definitive diagnoses, ensuring it cannot replace ongoing medical care or the role of a physician.

Intelligent Cross-Selling and Upselling

The art of suggestion is subtle yet powerful. Our AI can recommend additional tests based on what's already in a customer's cart. For instance, if a customer adds ESR and CRP tests, the AI might suggest related tests like Rheumatoid Factor or Anti-Nucleotide Antibodies. This approach not only supports comprehensive healthcare but also promotes sales by suggesting medically beneficial additional tests.

The Power of Plain Language Processing

Our AI excels in interpreting everyday language. A customer asking about elevated eosinophils? The system can suggest a range of relevant tests from allergy screenings to liver function tests. This capability not only makes lab testing more accessible to the average person but also demonstrates the sophistication of our technology. Healthcare provider intervention is recommended by the AI whenever it is deemed necessary.

Trend Analysis and Predictive Insights

Beyond individual suggestions, our AI can analyze trending lab results spanning multiple tests, offering insights into potentially hidden medical conditions. This feature not only adds value but also positions you as a forward-thinking player in healthcare analytics.

Customization and Flexibility: Your AI, Your Rules

The beauty of our system lies in its flexibility. You can enable or disable features, adjust the types of tests suggested, and even control the depth of analysis. This bespoke approach ensures that our AI aligns perfectly with your business strategy and customer needs.

A Partnership Rooted in Trust and Excellence

Partnering with Modulus means more than just implementing a tool; it's about embracing a vision of intelligent healthcare. Our transparent, usage-based pricing model, coupled with free updates and support, ensures that you're always ahead of the curve without financial strain.

Data Security and Compliance: Our Top Priority

In an era where data security is paramount, our model stands out for its commitment to privacy. We operate without the use of personally identifiable information, eliminating HIPAA concerns and ensuring SOC 2 Type 2 compliance. This not only safeguards user data but also positions your business as a trusted and secure entity in the healthcare sector.

Our cutting-edge AI solution can be deployed on-premises, prioritizing data integrity and operational autonomy. This configuration empowers your direct laboratory business with the highest level of security by ensuring that all results are processed and retained exclusively within your server environment. Embrace the ultimate blend of performance and data privacy, where you maintain complete sovereignty over your data.

Nearly Three Decades Building AI Systems

Our journey, rooted in Scottsdale, AZ since 1997, has been defined by relentless innovation, resulting in awarded global patents that set the benchmark in AI applications.

Our past AI-driven healthcare innovations have included Single Nucleotide Polymorphism analyzers, breast cancer MRI screening systems utilizing convolutional neural networks, artificial heart management systems based on neural networks, and more. Our success is rooted in our expertise and real-world results we've achieved for thousands of clients who span the world.

With a client roster that includes industry leaders like Siemens, GE, MIT, The University of Chicago, Google, Microsoft, Dell, and NASA, among others, our experience speaks for itself.

Join Us in Revolutionizing Direct Laboratory Testing

This is a paradigm shift in lab testing that brings the power of AI to the world of healthcare, enhancing customer experiences, and driving better health. Join us in this journey and redefine what's possible in lab testing.

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